Terms & Conditions

1. Special Order Items

All special order items including brakes, seats and custom products are subject to a minimum 15% handling fee, even if the products have not been delivered. Once ordered, these products are put into production on special request, as they are not kept in stock due to their bespoke nature. Therefore, the minimum 15% handling fee covers our material costs, storage costs, and order processing costs. This will be noted on your invoice when applicable.

  • Roll Cages: Once the manufacturer has accepted the order and the item has passed 14 days since the day of order, these items are subject to a 15% cancellation fee. If the roll cage has been shipped from the country of production to the UK, the charge increases to 25% total cost of the cage and transport costs incurred. This is outlined in your invoice documentation pack.
  • Bespoke Design Seats: Once the manufacturer has accepted the order and the items have been produced, the order cannot be refunded or cancelled. As the items have been produced entirely to the customer’s specification, they cannot be re-stocked or re-sold. This includes all non-black product variations handmade from manufacturers including Corbeau, Cobra, and Mirco.
  • Bespoke Harness Belts: Once the manufacturer has accepted the order and the items have been produced, the order cannot be refunded, returned or cancelled. As the items have been produced to the customer’s specification, they cannot be re-stocked or re-sold.
  • Special order seat brackets: All seat brackets from Planted Technology and Bride (as an example) are special order from the USA and Japan. Once ordered and shipped from their country of origin. The items are non-returnable and non-refundable. These are entirely special order, non-stocked, items which can not be cancelled or returned as they have been produced specifically for your requirements.
  • Bespoke items and customer liability: The customer is entirely responsible for the specification provided prior to production. The customer is liable for any errors in the final produced product. Returns are not accepted as stated in the above two conditions. This policy applies to all bespoke items we have available including bucket seats, brake kits, and harness belts.
  • Custom Made Installation Brackets: Custom made direct fitment and universal fitment frames for seats are non-returnable due to the nature of the product. Modifications may be required to fit these items, as such, the understanding of this fact is part of the contract and well noted. When frames are purchased separately to seats, we are not responsible for any fitment issues which may arise.
  • Bespoke Racewear: Once the manufacturer has accepted the order and the items have entered production, the order cannot be refunded or cancelled. As the items have been produced entirely to the customer’s specification, they cannot be re-stocked or re-sold. This includes all bespoke racewear product variations (featuring custom colour schemes or sizing measurements) handmade from manufacturers including Sparco & OMP.
  • Boss Kits: Bespoke boss kits are completely vehicle specific and non-returnable due to the nature of the product. Modification to your vehicle may be required to fit these items, as such, the understanding of this fact is part of the contract and well noted. When boss kits are purchased separately to steering wheels and other components, we are not responsible for any fitment issues which may arise.
  • Underwear: Since protective underwear is in direct contact with the skin and body, it cannot be returned or exchanged due to issues with hygiene. This includes all types of underwear that we provide with no exceptions.

2. Incorrect Products

If the products sent are incorrect from specified on ordering and the company is notified within 7 days of delivery. The company shall arrange collection and for the correct products to be sent. If the products, however, are correct to the specified products on ordering and to the application of the car, the company shall take no responsibility for items that do not fit or are not correct in the eyes of the customer. The products sent are given in the detail of the customer or on the specification of the standard car. If this specification has been changed by the customer or any person not related to the company, the company cannot take responsibility. The collection of the products can be arranged for a refund or for another product to be sent in its place, however, this would be subject to a 15% handling fee as well as courier costs to be paid for by the customer.

  • GSM Performance is not responsible for any labour charges incurred during fitment or removal of allegedly faulty or incorrectly supplied parts. In this instance, the manufacturer will be consulted for assistance relating to the fitment of the parts and/or replacement components which can be provided. Labour charges incurred relating to installation, fitment, replacement or removal are not covered by GSM Performance or the manufacturer.
  • If an incorrect product has been dispatched and delivered, please ensure that the items are not used under any circumstances. Once you have checked the items and informed GSM Performance of the error, we will contact you and have the incorrect product replaced as outlined above. Using a “known” incorrect item, can waver any rights to have a replacement or exchanged item provided. If the item provided, are of more value than the original item ordered, and have been used, additional charges for these items may apply.

3. Time of Delivery

Any delivery time or date given by the company is an estimate only and not a term of the contract. Please ensure you have checked the delivery specific details online for detailed information. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage in respect of any delay in the delivery howsoever arising. If at the time of order the goods are not immediately available for delivery, the company shall deliver the goods when they become available, unless otherwise requested in writing by the customer at the time of order.

  • If the item(s) are dispatched and delays are experienced with the courier, GSM Performance is not responsible for the loss or delay on any item(s) and direct contact with the courier should be made.
  • We strongly recommend taking delivery of your new products before booking an MOT, installation, garage appointment. GSM Performance are not responsible for the loss or delay on any item(s) and direct contact with the courier should be made.
  • FIA dated products including seats and harnesses, ordered after the 2nd of December will be subject to a 20% returns fee. This caters for the loss of 1 year’s FIA dating reducing the seat lifespan from 6 years to 5 years for competition use. The items are not suitable for retail at full RRP and will be placed on sale.

4. Acceptance

Within 7 days after delivery, the customer shall check the goods delivered and give notice to the company and the carrier by letter of any damage or defect or shortage. If nothing has been delivered within 14 days after the date of the invoice, the customer shall immediately give notice to the company by letter or telephone.

5. Warranty

If on delivery there is any damage defect or shortage in the goods, the customer gives due notice under condition two above and returns the damaged or defective goods to the company, the company shall replace the damaged, defective or missing goods or credit the customer with the amount of the price attributable to those goods. If items are returned with warranty issues and no problems are found or issues are not warranty, related the company shall not be held responsible for postage & packaging charges, as such, the customer will be expected to pay for these costs to receive the return of their products.

If during use of the goods, the goods appear to be faulty, defective or damaged, a warranty claim can be filed with the manufacturer and supplier. The items are to be returned to the manufacturers for investigation of the suspected problems. The manufacturer has the right to complete the warranty claim in one of three ways:

  • Replacement – If the goods are beyond repair, the manufacturer may choose to issue a replacement component.
  • Repair – If the goods are found to have a defect/fault and are deemed repairable. The manufacturer will repair and return the item directly to the customer with another years warranty on any work carried out.
  • Rejection – If the goods are found to have no defect or damage, the manufacturer will return the items and the GSM Performance will not be held responsible for postage & packaging charges, as such the customer will be expected to pay for these costs to receive the return of their products.

The outcome of the investigation and the chosen method is at the discretion of the manufacturer. The decision will be withheld by both GSM Performance and the customer.

6. Colour Degradation

We supply a wide range of seats built to various levels of quality depending on the manufacturer, source of components and type of use expected. Entry level seats produced by Auto Style, FK Automotive, as well as the Corbeau NFX, DFX and Club Sport seats do not use UV protected fabric and may experience colour degradation faster than their FIA approved counterparts. When seats of this nature are used in convertible vehicles and exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight, the colour degradation of the seat may also be accelerated and is not covered by the manufacturer warranty.

7. Installation of Seats

When purchasing seats and seat frames as a package, we will check to ensure that the products can work together with or without some form of modifications (where required) and notify you of this on your invoice. If your original seats have SAB (side airbags), please ensure to check this as additional resistor kits may be required when installing the new equipment. We recommend that this electronic equipment is installed by a highly-skilled & professional auto electrician. If your passenger seat has an occupancy sensor we would also recommend installation by an auto electrician, as modifications to the vehicle’s wiring may also be necessary.

GSM Performance does not guarantee the size fitment for any seats, harnesses and/or universal products due to varied vehicle interior dimensions and configurations. Please use the product dimensions provided to compare with your existing layout to determine fitment. GSM performance will not be held liable for incorrect assessments regarding fitment.

8. Product Specification

All seat brackets, fitting kits, brake kits and vehicle specific components sold are designed for on the base model of any particular vehicle variant. If the listing states a specific version of a vehicle, we can not guarantee fitment to another variation within the same model range. For example, seat frames listed for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X are not suitable for the standard variation of Mitsubishi Lancer, as there are variations within the floor plan. Another example is that a big brake kit which is listed for a BMW E46 will be based on the standard BMW E46 variation and will not fit the BMW E46 M3, as the hardware and brackets are a different fitment. It is the customer’s responsibility to make us aware of any particular model variations at the time of order to ensure production is correct and accurate, otherwise, the parts will be produced to the base specification.

  • Seats ordered to match: A huge range of the seats we sell are handmade including all bespoke and custom seat designs. When producing these products there are a number of different variables within the production process which include: Different trimmers, the shade of fabric colours, material batches, stitching colours, logo designs, and logo placements. Each of these variables means that seats produced one week to another can have minor differences and may not match.
  • When the covers are fitted to the shells of seats, they are hand stretched around the shell they have no guideline to work to so each seat is slightly different. The only way to guarantee a match is to produce the seats at the same time, from the same roll of the material, with the same trimmer producing them, and being completed together to ensure the covers are fitted together and matched together. The number of variable factors of handmade products means that producing 2 identical products at different times is very difficult and can never be guaranteed.

9. Product Disclaimers

Products sold by the company will include specific disclaimers written by the respective manufacturer. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage in any form howsoever arising from the use of items provided. Where relevant, items will include safety information & disclaimers in their packaging.

  • Custom Steering Wheels: The replacement of the steering wheels on cars equipped with airbag systems will disable both the functioning of the airbag of the driver and that of the passenger or any other airbag fitted to the car. For cars equipped with airbag systems, aftermarket steering wheels are intended for racing and show use only. Do not attempt to install any equipment yourself unless you have been properly trained in the installation and maintenance of car steering wheels. Do not attempt to install any kit without having previously read the instruction manual. Incorrect installation can lead to steering wheel failure, which can cause an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death. Reduced steering wheel diameter will cause increased driver steering effort.

10. Providing quotations

All quotations, indication of costs and financial commitments given or made by the Seller are based on the assumption of the validity of the information provided is fully accurate and correct in all circumstances. GSM Performance maintains the right at any stage to re-negotiate any contract, cost agreement or any other relevant commitment should any information provided by the Purchaser fail to be fully valid accurate and correct. This includes Verbal and written quotations which are valid for 30 days subject to these terms and conditions and supplier pricing adjustments.

11. Quotation and order process

Your order is accepted at the point the items are dispatched and delivered. Until this point, we have the right to withdraw the product from sale, cancel and reject the order. Our email confirmations are an acknowledgement of receipt only. In the unlikely event that an error has occurred with online pricing, we maintain the right to reject the order at any point until the items have been dispatched and delivered.

  • The ‘confirmation’ stage sets out the final details of your order. Following this, we will send to you an order acknowledgement email detailing the products you have ordered. Please note that this email is not an order confirmation or order acceptance from GSM Performance. The email/SMS is an acknowledgement of your order, and does not constitute acceptance.
  • Acceptance of your order and the completion of the contract between you and us will take place on despatch to you of the products ordered unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order or you have cancelled it (please refer to Returns and refunds).

12. Handling Complaints

In the unlikely event of a complaint, we promise to deal with you in a fair, confidential and effective manner. Your complaint will be acknowledged within five working days and you will be kept informed of our progress. We take customer service very seriously at GSM Performance and will always make every effort to resolve any dispute to its positive conclusion.

13. Personal Details

We will keep your personal details safe and private in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We only collect personal information required for the processing of the order. GSMotorsport.co.uk will not relay your personal details to anyone. Should our policy ever change, we will inform you and ask your permission before sharing any information. Any personal information will be used only for the purpose it is intended, as such, it will be held for as long as it is needed for the purpose for which it was collected.


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  • 5 star rating  Very friendly on the phone and very helpful for the special request I made will use again no doubt,


    Dave's Autocare Avatar Dave's Autocare

    5 star rating  Ordered 2 items from here so far! Both been exactly what ive needed and speedy delivery! Will definitely order again

    ellie nicholas Avatar ellie nicholas

    5 star rating  nice

    Anthony Lewis Avatar Anthony Lewis
  • 5 star rating  I run a motorsports charity called Baronmotorsports and with the help of gsm I've managed to get seats harnesses and towing eyes all under the price of one quality seat thanks so much for your great help in store

    Regards Steve

    Steve Gill Gill Avatar Steve Gill Gill

    4 star rating  Used this company before and have used again recently � always on point with service and delivery ��

    Callum Stephens Avatar Callum Stephens

    5 star rating  Great staff. I was searching for more known brands and fortunely found their website. Products are Great material at even better prices. I've recommended to friends and fellow pilots. Excelent communication.

    Marco Soares Avatar Marco Soares
  • 5 star rating  Great company, both seats were very well packed and arrive next day. Highly recommended :)

    Dan Webber Avatar Dan Webber

    5 star rating  Would highly recommended GSM proformance for any motorsport equipment, great customer service, go out there way to double check my order was correct befor sending out to avoid any problems with getting my seats fitted, I will definitely be going back for everything else I need, great company, no issues

    Sam Atkins Avatar Sam Atkins

    5 star rating  Fantastic service from the guys at GSM. I bought a sabelt gt2 seat then changed my mind and had a Micro RS2 and they couldn't of been more accommodating. I will definetly be back for more bits for my clio 200. Thanks again fellas

    Liam Christopher Higham Avatar Liam Christopher Higham
  • 5 star rating  Excellent service. Very helpful when I purchased my Classic Cobra seats for my MG Midget last year.

    Richard Wharmby Avatar Richard Wharmby

    5 star rating  Orders sets through gsm very happy with there communication and looking forward to my seats arriving :)

    Daniel House Avatar Daniel House

    5 star rating  Excellent customer service. Friendly staff. Good range of products and large knowledge. Can't thank them enough.

    Alex Tomlinson Avatar Alex Tomlinson
  • 5 star rating  Excellent service quick and easy definitely would recommend! Will be shopping again!

    Harry Bruton Avatar Harry Bruton

    5 star rating  Great advice and service, a few hiccups with delivery (from supplier) but seats and harnesses are fitted and couldn't be happier,

    Dave Rutherford Avatar Dave Rutherford

    5 star rating  great servise and fast delivery staff all friendly just recieved my safety devices roll cage for my mk1 escort great place !!

    Laurie Dawson Avatar Laurie Dawson
  • 5 star rating  Received my order yesterday and I'm over the moon, fantastic customer service and kept me in contact with every step of my order and delivery time was spot on would highly recommend these to anyone.

    Thanks for everything..

    Nathan Nash Avatar Nathan Nash

    5 star rating  Great little showroom to try a range of fixed bucket seats which is essential for a snug fit. Gave honest advice and didn't try to oversell which is great. Bought a pair of Mirco RS1 with custom material and colours - great seats for a great price!

    Dominic Inggall Avatar Dominic Inggall

    4 star rating  Excellent service & competitive prices, Cobra seats arrived in ultra fast time. thank you.

    Craig White Avatar Craig White
  • 5 star rating  Recently purchased a new Recaro Pole Position seat from GSM. And I must admit. It was - by far. My most pleasant online shopping experience!

    Daniel Airende Avatar Daniel Airende

    5 star rating  Ordered. Pair of corbeau rrs for my mk6 golf and their perfect drove from North Yorkshire just to the store to get the right seats for me and the staff were so helpful. So thanks guys at GSM

    Luke Williamson Avatar Luke Williamson

    5 star rating  Been in today great customer service very friendly great to try the seats as well before buying alot of seats to choose from just got to wait for delivery now

    Simon Bradley Avatar Simon Bradley
  • 5 star rating  Good prices and efficient service, cant ask for more!


    5 star rating  Seats, belts and subframes purchased previously, a great showroom to test everything, helpful staff and a decent price

    Matt Chapman Avatar Matt Chapman

    5 star rating  Fantastic products, great service & good pricing. Would happily recommend to others :)

    Thomas Boyd Avatar Thomas Boyd
  • 5 star rating  Great service when buying my Corbeau bucket seats. Every person I spoke to from the customer was extremely friendly and dealt with all of my queries in a very timely manner.

    James Newton Avatar James Newton

    5 star rating  Amazingly happy with gsm! Ordered my seats Thursday and there here Saturday after being told they would take 7 days to get to them! Would recommend all day long customer service is fantastic!

    James Holloway Avatar James Holloway

    5 star rating  Shop there again without question. Huge selection of seats in their showroom. Professional and friendly service :) thanks guys

    Gez Purcell Avatar Gez Purcell
  • 5 star rating  Really excellent service, for a family run business they are organised and incredibly informative during the order process! Great help and advice too!

    Chris Saunders Avatar Chris Saunders

    5 star rating  great service from start to finish. 2 seats purchased inc base plates and runners. Thanks guys.

    Neil Foley Avatar Neil Foley

    5 star rating  Just bought a pair of seats and frames for my Alfa 145. Great service, good communication and I don't feel like I have been ripped off! Highly recommended

    Andrew Clark Avatar Andrew Clark
  • 5 star rating  Great customer care, ensuring that the afterpurchase support is there! :)

    Ewan Edwards Avatar Ewan Edwards

    5 star rating  Popped In today to check out what fits myself and my track car, Gareth was nothing but helpful, would recommend them to anyone. Cannot wait to order the seats and get them in the car!

    Jack O'Sullivan Avatar Jack O'Sullivan

    5 star rating  Top quality products. Good prices. And very good customer service.

    Geofferson Longley Avatar Geofferson Longley
  • 5 star rating  A fantastic company quality parts at affordable rates! highly recomended

    James R Ireland Avatar James R Ireland

    5 star rating  Very good service :)

    Callam Baines Avatar Callam Baines

    5 star rating  Such a good team and a really good well put together website.

    Made ordering my new seats for my car such an ease. Glad I got recommended by a mate.

    Will be telling anyone else who wants seats to check out these guys �

    Connor Harding Avatar Connor Harding
  • 4 star rating  I need an additional harness to match my other Luke item. GSM were by far the best value, brilliant stuff.

    Andy Haas Avatar Andy Haas

    5 star rating  I rang them with two seats in mind, he talked me through the sizes and what the differences were. Very helpful.

    Bought the seat, very pleased with it and two others have liked mine and bought one since then �

    Sharon Cousins Avatar Sharon Cousins

    5 star rating  Great service and delivery. Thanks again very well recommended

    Simon Opie Avatar Simon Opie
  • 5 star rating  Absolute pleasure to do business with, fast replies, friendly service and helpful answers to all my questions. Thank you!

    Jan Avatar Jan

    5 star rating  Staff are excellent and very knowledgeable able to help me with my selection and answered all my questions. Very Happy

    James Brown Avatar James Brown

    5 star rating  Friendly staff with excellent customer focus, very nice showroom, couldn't be more pleased with the service I received when testing and buying my new seats.

    Richard Ives Avatar Richard Ives
  • 5 star rating  Bought some kirkey head restraints off these guys...

    Excellent communications, nice friendly people & good prices.

    Would recommend & use gsm again no problem!

    Matty Jones Avatar Matty Jones

    5 star rating  Fantastic service from GSM , love my Recaro Pole Positions in my Audi S3 complete with Recaro subframes , supplied in good time .

    Michael Parker Avatar Michael Parker

    5 star rating  Very good service

    Would definitely use them again :)

    James Kemish Avatar James Kemish
  • 5 star rating  Great service. 2 seat frames in less than 10 days. Jus my cage to arrive

    Richard Warnock Avatar Richard Warnock

    5 star rating  A great bunch seats were sent out super fast and are really great quality at a great price. AAA+++

    dean thomas Avatar dean thomas

    5 star rating  Wow bought parts yesterday and they are already at my house great service from Felix and Garreth for sorting me out so fast top job would highly recommend them!

    Derek John Mulder Avatar Derek John Mulder
  • 5 star rating  Excellent service from a returning customer, very happy with my Cobra Daytona with Jensen base, special thanks to Felix and the team, great family business to deal with, all shipping was texted and arrived exactly as stated very well packaged

    Mike May Avatar Mike May

    5 star rating  Love this company worth every penny big thumbs up

    Scott Archer Avatar Scott Archer

    5 star rating  Excellent company would highly recommend friendly and always on hand to help out :-)

    Chris Criddle Avatar Chris Criddle
  • 5 star rating  If it's racing seats, harnesses, helmets or racewear, then the team at GSM will get you sorted. Brilliant!

    Ashley Marriott Avatar Ashley Marriott